Srpen 2010

Candids - 2008

26. srpna 2010 v 12:32 | Kitty
Around Park City 2008 Sundance Film Festival 19/1/08
Leaving VMAs with Nikki and Michael 7/9/08
Leaving Twilight premiere in Rome 30/10/08
Kristen and Nikki at LAX 16/11/08
Arriving at home LA 16/11/08
Out with Taylor LA 16/11/08
Out with Nikki and Michael LA 16/11/08
Having a cigarette break with Michael LA 18/11/08
At LAX with Michael 19/11/08
Leaving an airport with Michael 19/11/08
Arriving at NBCs Today Show 20/11/08
Out in NY/Apple Store 20/11/08
Leaving hotel NY 20/11/08
Leaving the Late Show with David Letterman 20/11/08
Smoking pipe with Michael LA 22/11/08
Arriving at JFK Airport 22/11/08
Out at sushi restaurant with her dad LA 23/11/08
At The Cimarron Group LA 24/11/08
At Whole Foods with Nikki LA 1/12/08
At LAX with Michael 2/12/08
At Heathrow Airport with Catherine and Michael 2/12/08
At hotel Crillon with Robert Paris 8/12/08
At Affliction store with Nikki Reed 16/12/08

Appearances - 2009

12. srpna 2010 v 20:32 | Kitty
SFF The Monarchy Collection Presents Big Fan 18/1/09
SFF Black White Feature 19/1/09
SFF Adventureland Premiere 19/1/09
SFF The Film Lounge Media Center 19/1/09
SFF Gibson Guitar Lounge 19/1/09
At party with Michael and Melissa Leo in Beverly Hills6/2/09
Twilight premiere in Japan 27/2/09
Twilight Press Conference in Japan 27/2/09
Twilight Fanmeeting in Tokio 27/2/09
Adventureland Press Conference 14/3/09
New Moon cast at Gotham Steak House 10/3/09
Adventureland Premiere 16/3/09
Adventureland Premiere AfterParty 16/3/09
MTV Movie Awards Arrivals 31/5/09
MTV Movie Awards Show 31/5/09
MTV Movie Awards Press Room 31/5/09
MTV Movie Awards Backstage Audience 31/5/09
Comic-Con Press Conference 23/7/09
Comic-Con The Twilight Fan Experience Screening 23/7/09
Comic-ConInterviews 23/7/09

Teen Choice Awards Arrivals 9/8/09
Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals [9/8/09]                                      
Teen Choice Awards Show 9/8/09
Teen Choice Awards - Show [9/8/09]                      
Teen Choice Awards Backstage Audience 9/8/09
MTV Video Music Awards Show 13/9/09
MTV Video Music Awards Backstage 13/9/09
New Moon Press Conference Brazil 1/11/09
Fantastico Press Room 1/11/09
New Moon Press Conference Mexico 2/11/09
New Moon Photocall Mexico 3/11/09
Hot Topic Tour in Hollywood CA 6/11/09
Access Hollywood Press Junket 6/11/09
New Moon Press Conference 6/11/09
MTV Press Junket 6/11/09
Jimmy Kimmel Live 6/11/09
JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes Event 8/11/09
New Moon Photocall Paris 10/11/09
New Moon Fan Event London 11/11/09
New Moon Photocall Madrid 12/11/09
New Moon Fan Event Madrid 12/11/09
New Moon Fan Event Munich 14/11/09
New Moon Press Conference Munich 14/11/09
The Tonight Show With Conan16/11/09
New Moon premiere in Los Angeles 16/11/09
New Moon premiere Afterparty Los Angeles 16/11/09
New Moon Regal Benefit Screening Knoxville 17/11/09
The Today Show 18/11/09
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 18/11/09
New Moon Screening New York 19/11/09